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Looking forward to 2023

Happy new year!

2022 was a good year. We launched our new brand, new packaging, and new website. We are thankful for our customers continued support as we grow in this new direction. What hasn't changed is our commitment to making safe, effective, and natural health and wellness products.

In 2023 we have more exciting things in the works, including new fragrance options on existing products, new product launches, and a loyalty program to improve our customer experience.

If you have not done so already, please follow and share our social media pages where we will announce new products, new fragrances, sales, and more!

When you share our post or leave a review, you are supporting our business. The more you share, the more we can do to improve our discounts and loyalty programs.

About Releve

Releve is a brand of the Wendy Williams Corporation. Family owned and operated, Releve is focused on providing effective health and wellness products made from natural ingredients. Founded and owned by Wendy Williams, Releve is headquartered in Humble, Texas.

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