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Reflexology is the belief that pressure points along the feet correspond with different organs in the human body. Traditionally pressure is applied to the corresponding point in order to manipulate energy to heal specific parts of the body. Our own research has found that by rolling Releve Topical Ointment over the reflexology pressure point it will relieve the pain and discomfort in the corresponding organ or body part. Our customers who have tried it have reported wonderful results, so we have provided a chart for you to try our Releve Topical Ointment combined with the pressure points of reflexology for yourself.

Example of how to use Releve Topical Ointment with Reflexology

In addition to or as an alternative to rolling Releve Topical Ointment over the afflicted area, simply find the pressure point on your foot and roll it onto the corresponding area.

If you have lower back pain, you will find lower back – listed at the bottom center of the chart – and follow the line to the pink section on the heel of the foot. Roll Releve Topical Ointment over the heel of your foot to relieve your back pain within minutes.

Start feeling better naturally.

About Releve

Releve is a brand of the Wendy Williams Corporation. Family owned and operated, Releve is focused on providing effective health and wellness products made from natural ingredients. Founded and owned by Wendy Williams, Releve is headquartered in Humble, Texas.

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Releve Topical Ointment

Releve Topical Ointment provides safe and effective, natural pain relief to our customers.


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