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Releve Topical Ointment

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Roll Away has a new name. Releve Topical Ointment is the same formula that brings the safe and effective natural pain relief that our customers have come to know and love. CBD Isolate has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties that can bring relief to those who suffer with chronic pain such as arthritis. Releve Topical Ointment does more than just reduce pain and inflammation, our proprietary blend of essential oils help relieve stress, anxiety, and headaches. It has also proven effective in aiding those who have trouble sleeping. Whether you have a muscle strain, growing pains, menstrual cramps, or joint pain, Releve Topical Ointment is a natural solution that relieves your pain within minutes of rolling it on.

Usage Tips

CBD does not have to enter the bloodstream to be effective, it targets the specific areas where it is applied. Releve Topical Ointment can be easily applied by rolling it over the afflicted area.

Pain Relief – Roll over afflicted area to relieve pain.

Migraine/Headache – Roll over both temples and at the base of your neck.

Reflexology - Roll onto the bottom of your foot over pressure point.

Menstrual – Roll over ovaries and painful areas.

Tummy – Roll over stomach and other painful areas.

Growing Pains – Roll over painful areas.

Sleep – Roll over belly button 30-60 minutes before bed.

Anxiety – Roll over the base of your neck and inside both wrists.

Experience the natural and effective pain relief of Releve Topical Ointment for yourself.


Today at work I had a coworker who has been having terrible lower back pain and even a steroid shot didn’t help her for very long. I shared my Releve Topical Ointment with her and her pain was gone all day because of it.
I bought the CBD Topical Ointment for my 2 year old who wakes up every night…well she slept ALL night last night from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am!
I tried it on my aching knee join and my pain was immediately gone. My knee didn't hurt the rest of the day! Wonderful product!

About Releve

Family owned and operated, Releve is focused on providing effective health and wellness products made from natural ingredients. Founded and owned by Wendy Williams, Releve is headquartered in Humble, Texas. Releve is a brand of the Wendy Williams Corporation.

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By rolling Releve Topical Ointment over the reflexology pressure point it will relieve your pain and discomfort.


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