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Naturally Relieve Growing Pains

Every child comes to the point in their development where they experience growing pains. It is heartbreaking for a parent to watch their child go through these periods of discomfort and sleepless nights, but there is little that they can do about it. Growing pains are often accompanied by a negative shift in temperament and increased anxiety in the child, making it a difficult situation for both the parents and children. While you might convince your child to take a hot bath - a challenge under the best circumstances - which is time consuming and only provides relief for a short period of time, the only other option is to give them an over the counter medication, which is never an ideal solution.

Now parents have an all natural option to relieve growing pains in their children. When you roll Releve Topical Ointment on your child's belly button, it eases their aches and pains all over. The ingredients in our proprietary essential oil blend will also help reduce anxiety and help your child sleep through the night. CBD isolate is completely safe to use on children because it is working to stimulate their endocannibinoid system to produce a chemical their body is already making naturally. Releve Topical ointment is a safe, natural, and effective alternative to over the counter painkillers that can have side effects even when they are specifically made for children.

" I am very conscious about what I give my daughter. So many products marketed for children contain ingredients that are harmful or dangerous. When my daughter complained to me about her legs hurting, I rolled my topical ointment on he belly button. She was feeling better within minutes. " - Wendy Williams, founder of Releve

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About Releve

Family owned and operated, Releve is focused on providing effective health and wellness products made from natural ingredients. Founded and owned by Wendy Williams, Releve is headquartered in Humble, Texas. Releve is a brand of the Wendy Williams Corporation.

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Common questions and answers about Releve natural, safe, and effective pain relief products.

Releve Topical Ointment

Releve Topical Ointment provides safe and effective, natural pain relief to our customers.


By rolling Releve Topical Ointment over the reflexology pressure point it will relieve your pain and discomfort.


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